From New Scenic Café

This dish is great as a dinner, a salad or a starter and pairs well with a clean white wine.

5 oz Maguru Tuna, seared rare
2 ea fingerling potatoes, boiled
1 soft boiled or poached egg
5-6 asparagus spears, grilled
4-5 kalamata olives
4-5 Luque olives
3 small tomato, grape or pear
1 teaspoon fried capers
2 teaspoon lemon aioli
1/2 lemon juice only
1 artichoke heart
1/2 oz micro greens

Combine all chilled vegetables, greens, and olives. Place on a plate. Rest seared tuna atop the salad. Place egg on plate, cut in half to let the warm yolk flow. Garnish with capers, salt, and pepper.

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