Simple Pasta

Simple Pasta Tossed with Blue Cheese, Kalamatra and Sundried Tomatoes
By Becky Poss
Serves 2

Bring 4 tablespoons good olive oil to a low simmer in a small pan, add 2 chopped cloves garlic. Simmer for 2 minutes; then turn off heat. Do not let garlic brown.

Prepare your favorite pasta, 2 servings.
Reserve ½ cup cooking liquid and toss the pasta with the olive oil and garlic in a large metal mixing bowl.

Toss in 1 generous cup crumbled blue cheese, ½ cup chopped kalamatra olives, and ¼ cup chopped sundried tomatoes.

Optional Meat: Add 2 diced grilled chicken breasts (warmed before adding). You can serve the chicken on the side, but it is great tossed in, coated with the sauce.
Add several spoonfuls of the hot pasta water, toss pasta mixture with large tongs to mix. If it seems dry, add a little more water. Cover the bowl tightly and let stand for several minutes until cheese is melted. The metal bowl will retain the heat of the pasta and melt the cheese nicely.

Spinkle with freshly chopped basil or rosemary if you have it…. and some freshly grated parmesan.

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