Sweet Potato Leaf Sauce-Mafé Hako Putee

Serves 4

2 bunches collard greens, ribs removed and sliced thinly
1 bunch green onions or chives, chopped fine
1 onion, chopped fine
1-2 whole hot peppers such as habanero chiles
1 bouillon cube
1 small fish, cut into a few pieces
1/2-3/4 cup palm oil*
2 Tbsp powdered okra* (filé powder)

1. Place sliced collards in a saucepan with water to cover. When water comes to a boil, drain water.
2. Refill with water to cover. Add fish. Boil for a few minutes. Remove fish and let fish cool.
3. Add onions, green onions, and bouillon cube to saucepan.
4. Once fish has cooled, remove flesh from the bones and add flesh to saucepan.
5. Add whole hot peppers to saucepan. Do not cut peppers!
6. Once mixture has simmered a few minutes, and while there is still enough liquid left to boil down, add palm oil to saucepan.
7. Cool palm oil mixture 20-30 minutes.
8. At the last minute before serving, add powdered okra and simmer briefly to combine.
9. Serve over rice.

Palm oil is generally available at Asian markets, and both it and powdered okra are available at various Twin Cities locations.

Recipe courtesy Rachel Lang-Baldé

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