January-February 2012 Table of Contents


Edible History
Area Food Coops: A Growth Story
Coops grow, remain committed to important issues
By Beth Dooley

Mushrooms in Winter
Brighten the dark winter with pink mushrooms you can grow now
By Jerry McClelland

Cooking Fresh
Pleasing Cheese
A look at artisan cheese makers
By Becky Poss


News & Trends

Diary of a New Farmer
Planning, Budgeting, Reviewing…and Reading
Winter still means work, but a break, too
By Betsy Allister

Notable Edibles
J.D. Fratzke and The Strip Club Meat & Fish
By Becky Poss
Gorkha Palace
By Sarah Tieck

The Last Bite


Lamb Stew with Spring Veggies
Marinated Radishes with Parsley
Creamy Mushroom Soup
Jeff’s Selected Gouda Fondue Recipe
Simple Pasta Tossed with Blue Cheese, Kalamata and Sundried Tomatoes

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