Thanksgiving: ‘It’s all about the pies’

By Amanda McKnightpie

Thanksgiving dinner is one of those meals that is practically guaranteed to be delicious, but deep down aren’t we all most excited about dessert?

Thanksgiving is known for its traditional desserts—pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie. Like Taya Kaufeberg says, “It’s all about the pies.”

Kaufeberg, culinary manager at The Wedge Co-op, says she and her staff make around 75 percent more pies this time of year than any other time.

“We sell hundreds of pies right now,” she says. “And lately it’s been more vegan and gluten free pies.”

Vegan pies can be made with raw sugar and soy milk substitutes, while gluten free pies can be made with rice or coconut flour.

While Kaufeberg isn’t sure what it is about pie that screams “Thanksgiving!”, she ventured to guess its because pumpkins and apples are seasonal.

“It’s just tradition,” Kaufeberg says. “The odd ball out of the popular pies is banana cream.”

The Wedge makes its pies with all organic, fresh ingredients, which Kaufeberg says only make the pie taste better.

“We use organic ingredients, so (the pies) are very clean and fresh,” Kaufeberg says. “We have a farm where a lot of our ingredients come from. The ingredients are the freshest you can get.”

If you’re making your own Thanksgiving pies and don’t have access to organic ingredients, at least try to get fresh ingredients. Kaufeberg swears that pie tastes better this way.

“It doesn’t matter what brand of pan I use or what spatula I have,” she says. “It’s about the ingredients.”

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