Garden Fresh Farms: An Update

Entrepreneur Dave Roeser and his Maplewood-based Garden Fresh Farms keep garnering awards and, as the Star Tribune recently reported, are also raising some serious expansion capital.

Roeser and Garden Fresh Farms, which were also featured in the Nov.-Dec. 2012 issue of Edible Twin Cities, have won entrepreneur awards from the Minnesota Cup and Midwest Region Clean Tech Open. Plus, in November, they won the National Sustainability Award at the Cleantech Open Global Forum in San Jose, California.

Now, as the Star Tribune reported, Roeser, 57, a building owner who started the company with his wife partly because he had a vacant warehouse to fill, has raised $300,000 from individual investors and is starting the first of several “farms” inside an abandoned building the company is acquiring near St. Paul’s Frogtown neighborhood. It’s twice the size of the Maplewood location.

As he told Edible Twin Cities in 2012, “Food is recession proof; everybody has to eat. And local, green, and natural are all trends that are here to stay.”

In 2011, Roeser started Garden Fresh Farms, a high-density aquaponics operation producing basil and lettuce from his self-designed systems.

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