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People, Places and Things

Typically thought of as “Flyover Land” by residents of the coasts, to those who live here, there’s no place they’d rather be. The change of seasons (they have all four!) makes residents appreciate each one all the more. With numerous farms, markets, and food artisans, as well as new immigrant cultures adding to an already rich heritage, enjoying the abundance, quality, and variety of locally produced foods is easy and delicious.

People, Places, Things

  • Native Harvest Wild Rice—Native Harvest is run by the Ojibwe community as part of the White Earth Land Recovery Project. They produce true, lake-grown, wild rice hand-harvested and wood-parched rice.
  • Trotter’s Café and Bakery—Trotter’s is a wonderful St. Paul café that has been supporting local, sustainably raised food for twenty years.
  • Mill City Museum—This is an interactive museum dedicated to telling the story of the milling industry that fueled the growth of Minneapolis.
  • Land Stewardship Project—An organization that promotes sustainable agriculture, both in policy and in action, their Farm Beginnings program educates new and transitioning farmers on whole-farm planning.
  • Honeycrisp apples—The state fruit of Minnesota, this tasty sweet/tart apple was developed by the Horticultural Research Center at the University of Minnesota.
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